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June 1948 Official Guide CD Set


This CD contains all of the pages from the June 1948 Official Guide, except for the front and rear covers.

As with all of our our Official Guide CD sets, this CD was created usiing a microfilm scanner. The pages were then cleaned up to enhance and sharpen the images, after which the pages were converted into Adobe Acrobat PDF format and reassambled into a book. The original table of contents was retyped and hyperlinked to the individual pages so that when you click on a railroad name the correct schedule is  displayed on the screen. Pages can be viewed, magnified, or printed as you like.

The 1948 CD requires about 600 MB of space on a hard disk. The CD comes with an installer program for WIndows computers; on Macintosh and Linux computers, the PDF files can be copied from the CD to a folder on the computer's hard disk, It is not recommended to open the images directly from CD because the performance will be less than satisfactory.


Click on the following thumbnails to see some sample pages from the 1948 CD. Please note that the images shown here are at a lower resolution than the images on the CD.


1504 pages on 1 CD: $24.95 (includes shipping)

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